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New project publication: special issue of Studia Historica. Historia Medieval dedicated to medieval ecclesiastical cartularies

A special issue of Studia Historica. Historia Medieval entitled ‘New Perspectives on Medieval Ecclesiastical Cartularies’ and edited by Leticia Agúndez and Francesca Tinti has just been published.

After more than 30 years of cartulary studies, this special issue attests to the continuing vitality of this research area, while also pointing the way to recent developments as well as possible future avenues of investigation.

It gathers an international cohort of scholars (including project member David Peterson) whose novel insights draw on ecclesiastical cartularies from different regions of medieval Europe, including Britain, France, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula. It represents a main outcome of one of the project’s work packages, dedicated to the study and edition of cartularies.

You can check it out at https://revistas.usal.es/uno/index.php/Studia_H_Historia_Medieval/issue/view/1452/167.

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