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30 October 2023

Leticia Agúndez San Miguel participated in the International Conference  “Iglesia, poder y Sociedad en el Medievo Penínsular. Perspectivas actuales de investigación”

Leticia Agúndez San Miguel contributed with a paper entitled «Los obispos “legendarios” de Valpuesta: memoria episcopal y falsificación documental (siglos IX-XII)» to the International Conference “Iglesia, poder y Sociedad en el Medievo Penínsular Perspectivas actuales de investigación”, sponsored by the Instituto de Historia-CSIC (17-20 October 2023). Brochure

29 July 2023

Aitor Armendariz at the 49th Semana Internacional de Estudios Medievales of Estella-Lizarra

A member of our project, Aitor Armendariz Bosque, participated in the 49th edition of the Semana Internacional de Estudios Medievales, which took place in Estella-Lizarra on 18-21 July 2023. 

1 July 2023

Theodora Paraskevopoulou and Francesca Tinti at 21st Biennial ISSEME Conference

Two members of the CONNECT project team participated in the 21st biennial conference of the International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England (ISSEME), which took place at the University of Manchester on 28-30 June 2023, presenting research conducted within the project. Theodora Paraskevopoulou gave a paper entitled «”It’s not…

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