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Guadalupe Lopetegui

Guadalupe Lopetegui Semperena was awarded her PhD by UPV/EHU and has been ‘Profesora Titular’ of Latin Philology in the same university since 1995.
Since the publication of a study based on her doctoral thesis (‘Edición y estudio de la documentación latina de Sancho VI de Navarra’), she has developed three main research avenues: 1) the relations between medieval Latin and Romance languages through the perspective provided by historical sociolinguistics; 2) the rhetorical and grammatical education of medieval intellectuals; and 3) theoretical and practical aspects of late antique and medieval ars rhetorica in literary, documentary and epistolary contexts.
While the latter research avenue has so far been the most prolific, more recently she has returned to the study of Latin charters, especially from medieval Navarre, from a lexicographic, stylistic and socio-cultural point of view.
She is also interested in the relations between literacy and orality, especially in multilingual contexts.

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Societies on the Edges: A Combinative Approach to Cross-Cultural Connections in Early Medieval Western Europe